New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
Are you planning to counteract the rapidly rising energy prices and reduce your company's costs in the long term?
New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
The AWS energy cost subsidy is introduced as a measure to cushion rising energy costs.
Research premium

Secure research premium of 14 percent

Companies that incur expenses for research and experimental development can apply for a research premium of 14 percent for the research expenses they incur. Both in-house research and contract research are eligible for the premium.


The biggest hurdles on the way to the research premium


Paragraph jungle


Missed deadlines


Untapped potential

Expert opinion research premium

Since 2012, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) has been acting as an evaluator to review the content of the research premium.

The decisive factor in terms of content is primarily whether the implementation of the project or contract involves solving technical tasks that involve a technical risk and could be solved by building up technical knowledge within the company.

The assessment is made on the basis of the information provided, whereby the definitions of terms in Section 108c of the Income Tax Act, the Research Premium Ordinance and, in addition, in accordance with the so-called Frascati Manual (2002) of the OECD form the basis.

The Frascati Manual defines criteria, definitions and delimitations of research and experimental development, which are used as a basis for research and development projects throughout Europe. All funding agencies and also research premium-like tax incentives or credits in other EU countries refer to this basis when designing their guidelines and funding programs.

Assessment basis

An important part of the application processing is the definition of the assessment basis. The correct allocation and delimitation are crucial: Which costs or which expenses may be taken into account?

Which items in

  • Personnel expenses
  • Special and material costs
  • External services
  • Travel and installation expenses
  • Financing costs
  • Overhead costs and
  • investments

are relevant in the research premium and thus include the potential of 14% tax-free should be clarified before submission to the tax office.


“Generate added value for the company for costs already incurred in innovative projects with the research premium.” Elisabeth Martinelli

Our experts on the topic of research premium

Elisabeth Martinelli

Senior Consultant
Elisabeth Martinelli joined our team in Graz in 2017 and is responsible for research premium and R&D projects.

Barbara Dunst

Senior Consultant
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