New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
Are you planning to counteract the rapidly rising energy prices and reduce your company's costs in the long term?
New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Energy cost grant
The AWS energy cost subsidy is introduced as a measure to cushion rising energy costs.
Research & Development

National and EU funding for your research and development project

You are planning the development of an innovative product or service, in a national or international environment. Then we will be happy to inform you about possible funding for research and development.


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Vienna Business Agency – Innovation

The Innovation funding program of WAW supports small and medium-sized enterprises based in Vienna in the implementation of innovative projects with funding of max. 45% of the project costs up to a maximum funding amount of € 200,000. The minimum project size is € 30,000 and the maximum project duration is 2 years. Funding is available for personnel costs, purchased services and project-related investments.

FFG – Basic Program

The focus of the funding is experimental development. It covers development activities in Austria that transform a proof of concept under laboratory conditions (TRL 5) into a functional prototype (TRL 8). The funding amounts to 50% – 70% of the project costs (max. € 3 million) as a mix of grant and loan. Key evaluation criteria are innovative content, technical challenge, sustainability and market potential.

FFG – Small project

The “Kleinprojekt” focuses on smaller projects in experimental development conducted by small and medium-sized enterprises. It covers activities that transform a proof of concept under laboratory conditions (TRL 5) into a functional prototype (TRL 8). Funding is provided for project costs of max. €150,000 with a grant of max. 60% (70% in the case of a cooperative project). Key evaluation criteria are innovation, technical challenge, sustainability and market potential.

SFG – Ideas!Empire

SFG’s Ideen!Reich program aims at small and medium-sized Styrian companies that want to implement innovative projects. The object of development can be prototypes, demo systems, beta versions as well as market-ready products or services and the associated business models. The funding rate in the module “XS” is max. 70% of the eligible project costs of max. € 20,000 and in the module “XL” max. 50% of the eligible project costs of max. € 150,000.

EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that develop disruptive, high-risk innovations with great market potential. It is primarily aimed at companies that have high growth potential and operate on a European or international scale.

EIC Pathfinder

With the EIC Pathfinder, high risks due to research work can be avoided. This funding is divided into the Open and the Challenges program.

EIC Transition

Grant of up to €2.5 million in non-repayable and non-dilutive funds.

Individual applicants (SMEs, spin-offs, start-ups, research institutions, universities) or small consortia (two to 5 partners) can participate in this program.

EUREKA Eurostars

With its bottom-up approach, the Eurostars program funds the next stages of development of small transnational consortia and enables innovative SMEs to bring new developments to market.

Thematic priorities

Thematic priorities is the most comprehensive of the innovation support programs. One can distinguish between two types of projects: the innovation measures and the research and innovation measures. They fall under Pillar II and are divided into 6 thematic clusters.
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“The research community is a key success factor for the innovation system.” Michael Schmidbauer

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Research Promotion

Elisabeth Martinelli

Senior Consultant
Elisabeth Martinelli joined our team in Graz in 2017 and is responsible for research premium and R&D projects.

Anian Tröndle

Anian Tröndle has been part of the research and development funding team in Graz since 2020.
We offer a global and unique 360-degree service around innovation and financinge and thus you get a comprehensive support for your projects.
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